Monday, November 28, 2011

yay for darkness... at 5:00pm...

cardi, dress, belt, earrings: ruche, tights: we love colors, watch: guess, boots: aldo


i love winter. if you've read my blog, you know this already. love snow. however, i'd love it even more if we decided to skip the daylight savings time and keep that extra hour of sun in the afternoon. gotta love getting home from work at 5:00pm and having to take indoor photos with a flash. i swear, i did have some cute pictures... the flash just didn't feel like going off with those photos. i'll try harder folks. fyi: this sweater is basically the warmest, coziest sweater on the planet. i can't even begin to tell you how much i love having it hug me all day long. if only they had it in gray. and cream. and red. :)

on another note, i bought myself a keurig last week. i know, i'm slow... had a tassimo first, but i like flavoured coffee, so... i've been testing out lots of flavours over the past few days, and i have to say... irish cream? yea, really not a fan. the hot cocoa though?? wow! tastes like cake batter!! so yumm.

actually, i think i'll go help myself to a cup of hot cocoa now.

night folks!


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  1. that sweater does look super comfy...and it's really soon time that i borrow that dress!

    you look cute even though you're trapped indoors for these pics!