Friday, December 02, 2011

when friday blends into saturday unawares...

top (dress): asos, belt: ruche, jeans: ae, boots: aldo, watch: guess


it's seven minutes past midnight. on friday. well, technically saturday. what am i up to? i'm just heading to bed... after four hours of wrapping christmas presents. four hours... not bad right?? almost done. except this is day four of wrapping. i get to wrap all of the family presents. from me, from my parents, to mom from dad, to dad from mom... to me from my parents... crazy. for some reason, most of my christmas obsessions seemed to have skipped a generation. my parents aren't bakers, or big decorators, or christmas wrappers who are OCD and need perfect corners... i get these from my nanny (murchie). so, alas, i get to wrap ALL.THE.PRESENTS.

and bake hundreds of goodies. which i need to start asap.

what else did i do on this exciting friday?? well... mom and i went to the cottage. our cottage. that my parents just bought yesterday. uber exciting. so we went to the cottage to put up a tree. (again with my obsession). well, the electric heat wouldn't turn on. yay. day 2 of owning the cottage and already a problem! there's a wood stove, but my mom didn't feel comfortable starting a fire and leaving shortly after. so after two hours of freezing (literally), fighting with the heat, being bundled in a blanket, we left. with the christmas tree still in the box. so that's a task i'll revisit tomorrow!

on a bright note: it's december! which means it's officially officially christmas season to practically everyone, and i'll seem less crazy for having all of my decorations up (since november 12th) and the rest of the population will start to join me!!

AND it snowed tonight. just a dusting, but still, the ground is white. yay christmas!


happy friday! (saturday)


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