Monday, December 05, 2011

this dog, i love...

dress & shoes: ruche, top: ruche (borrowed from this lady), watch: guess, tights: american apparel


please don't judge my dog by his collar... i know, it's in rough shape... he has a new one, but i'm saving it for christmas photos. he likes to play in the field/woods, so his collars tend to fray (see below)... and i want his new one to be fresh for photos. then, thankfully, he'll be stylin in his new tartan.

so this dog? total pest. whines all the time. always wants attention. torments his uncle (my parent's dog), hogs the bed, and the blankets... sometimes head bunts me when he leans back too fast for a snuggle. and the worst: when he rolls in his poop outside. i know, i dont get it either. this results in a bath, and a lecture, at which point i say repeatedly, "if it smells this bad to me, and you have heightened sense of smell, WHY do you do this??" i know. gross. (terrible two's possibly?)

but even with the bad, the good shines through...

he's great. he snuggles all the time. curls up and keeps me warm. gives me kisses every day. smiles at me when i get up in the morning, when i get home from work, and when i say 'hen coming to bed?'... he leans in for a hug, curls up on my lap, puts his head on my shoulder... he's one of my two best friends (post on best friend #2 coming up this week).

he's my #1 man.

he's my hendrix.
aka hen
aka drix
aka henny
aka henny poo
aka snuggle bunny
aka shithead (his grandfather's pet name for him)


  1. loving the blouse with that dress!! and i'm totally LOLing over your dad and his shit head comment, LMAO!

  2. So funny that he rolls in his own poop. Haha. But I know what you mean, I loveeee my cat so much, even when shes annoying. And my brother has a pretty amazing dog too, she has sooo much personality I love it!
    Your dress is amazing-ing-ingly adorable! I love the color. I need more of colors like that.