Tuesday, December 06, 2011

the help...

dress & necklace: ruche, cardi: ae, shoes: aldo, tights: we love colors, belt: borrowed from melissa


the help. i watched the movie tonight. i wanted to go see it in theatre, but i didn't get around to it. i really wish i'd gone alone. it's the type of movie i enjoyed renting alone, so i would've loved it in theatre alone as well... so i've been waiting months for the dvd release (which was today). i started watching it almost immediately when i got home from work. my opinion? it was amazing. such a touching story, so heart breaking at times. it just squeezed my heart. it helps that i love emma stone. and the fashion in the movie.

i wanted to read the book, and didn't. i seem to have done a lot of "didn'ts" with The Help. but i'm going to. i've just purchased it from kobo. a friend of mine says that she didn't like the movie after the book, so i guess this is one of those times where i'm happy i watched it first, because i loved it. i thought each of the woman nailed the characters emotions. i'm looking forward to reading all of it with further detail and description. i'm sure i'll need a box of tissues, but it will be worth it.

i recommend you watch it.
i'll let you know if i recommend if you should read it.



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