Wednesday, December 07, 2011

dots, frills & bows...

dress: borrowed from melissa (ruche), shoes: ... uh oh! don't remember the site... tights: we love colors, watch: guess


today was the first real snowday. as in, roads were bad, plows were out, i hauled out my parka. it was awesome. first eskimo day of the winter!
i'm a true canadian. i love winters and snow. part of this is because i put aside my style worries, and dress for warmth. parka, toque, uggs... the works. i look about 12 years old, but i don't complain of the cold! work was torture today. all i could do was stare out the window and wish to make a snowman! it didn't happen (sadface)... hopefully soon!

speaking of snow and winter... christmas is nearing!! my shopping is almost finished, the decorating is finished, the wrapping as finished as it can be until the shopping is finished... and the baking... has commenced. i made my dad's scotch cookies (with the blasted cherries) this weekend. 178 scotch cookies. now comes the rest of the cookies, tarts, and bark. not to mention friday is my work party, saturday i have free Titan hockey tickets... next week i get to decorate for avery's birthday party on friday... where's the baking time???
i'm thinking i'll be getting less sleep in the next couple of weeks.
that being said, i should go bake.


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