Saturday, December 10, 2011

a christmas party...

getting ready!

dress: heartmycloset, earrings: ruche, belt & shoes: borrowed from melissa


my work christmas party was last night! it's a little intimadating, work gatherings. i'm quite shy until i know you and get comfortable, so i have some difficulty with mingling. it's definitely made easier when you're surrounded by a great team who constantly has you in stitches, such was my realization last night.

hair how to was inspired ruche's tutorial. i wanted to keep my bangs, so i opted out of the bump. super easy hairstyle though, and it really doesn't take as long as you would thing!

i kept my makeup pretty simple, too faced natural pallet, with heaven on the lids/corner of my eye, push up blended the crease, and erotica as a liner. add some mascara, and red lipstick, and i was ready to go!

now i'm excited to wear this dress a different way for xmas eve!! :)


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  1. is it creepy how often i say you look super good?

    no? k, well you look AMAZING!!!