Saturday, December 10, 2011

the eyelash extension adventure...



i actually have girly eyes!!! i'm lovin it! :)

i've been wanting eyelash extensions for a while now, but i didn't know anyone who had them done, and i wanted an opinion/someone to take to first. i'm TERRIFIED of stuff in my eyes. if only you could see me attempting eye drops (picture rachel/monica from friends, the eye drop scene... yup, that's me). so having eyelash extensions was a tad scary for me.

but after talking with a friend, and seeing the dramatic difference, i just had to try it.
i opted for the less natural, 'cat eye' look. i had planned on the natural, because i was nervous i would find it too extreme for every day. but, i love it!

i feel so girly. and especially having bangs, i think the added pop of the extended lashes at the ends were a good idea, seeing as sometimes part of my eyes are hidden anyway.


1 comment:

  1. hands down AMAZING.

    i'm not going to be able to stop looking at your eyes next time i see you! haha!