Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas luncheon...

hendrix likes to get in on the blog pics.

our first ever family photo

cardi, top, belt, skirt, shoes, earrings: ruche, bow: redvelvet, vintage cameo necklace: birthday gift from melissa


it's christmas week!!!  
(this is what i've been running around squealing to everyone for the past 2 days)

yesterday we had our staff christmas luncheon, where we all bring in a gender neutral prezzie, and draw names.  it's a chinese gift exchange (i think), where you can either take a wrapped present, or steal someone else's.  it's a hoot.  i scored an awesome Second Cup gift basket full of hot drinks and chocolates.  which is the gift i wanted.  it'll keep me nice and warm over the upcoming cold weather months.

have i mentioned i'm totally smittin' with this bow in my hair?? i could wear it everyday.  i have a feeling i'll be ordering it in other colours.  had some difficulties getting it to stay in place when i first tried it out, but with a bit of practice (and back-combing), i've got it now!  you can look forward to seeing it appear in this weeks upcoming christmas week posts. :)

ps. it's hump day. we've made it past the first half of the week that leads to my favourite day of the year: christmas eve! whoop!!



  1. you be so purdy! i love your hair bow, so yes, buy more!!!

  2. you are so adorable! i love your outfit. it's kind of old fashioned looking like from the 1940's--vintage pretty. And you kind of remind me of Erin from "The Office" do you watch that show? She totes adorbs and so are you!

  3. Wow you have amazing style! Very simple yet chic!