Saturday, December 17, 2011

dear santa...

it is exactly one week until my favourite day of the year.
christmas eve.
a day spent with family and friends, lots of food, laughs, and presents!!
a day i spend a month and a half preparing for.

to commemorate the fact that it's one week away, here's my christmas wish list:

 the fujifilm mini instax camera.

urban outfitters exclusive crosley turn table (which i just happen to know is currently sitting under the tree, taunting me)

 a couple of van morrison LPs... because... well. i love his music.

 a vintage plaid thermos set, to carry all my yummy keurig drinks on the go.
especially while snowshoeing this winter! (the family all got snowshoes from santa this year, so we can use the cottage in the winter)

 a few more records: mumford & sons 'sigh no more', and florence and the machine 'ceremonials'.
i have both on my ipod, and listen to them all.the.time.

i'd love me some forest green (or as i call it, christmas green) nail polish.
something similar to this butter london mayhaps??

and finally, the album i've been listening to since it came out in october... a very she & him christmas.
because really, what's the point of getting a record player for christmas, without having this to play on it??

oh wait, i purchased these as my christmas gift to myself!

dear santa: i've been a very good girl.



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  1. good girl or not, you are guaranteed two awesome prezzies at least! LOL!

    can't wait for our gift exchange!!