Thursday, December 15, 2011

as promised...

this gorgeous creature?  my bestest bud for the past 12+ years.  

meet chloe.

i got this kitty right after my high school graduation, and we've been a family ever since.  she's lived in fredericton with me during my university days, moved to montreal while i studied interior design...

she's been on numerous flights and road trips with me, and gets insanely motion sick.
i guarantee i know every spot from here to ottawa that were regular pull-overs for her.

after montreal, was ottawa.  we lived there for two years, before moving back to NB to be closer to our family, and adopting her fur-brother, hendrix.

she's very lazy, and likes to snooze all day. especially if there's a sunny spot on the floor.
or on my stomach. or pillow. under the blankets curled up with me...
she also likes sneezing in my face.

 she always meets me at the door when i get home.  unless her brother is super hyper, so she waits for me in the safe zone: on the stairs. knowing i'll come see her as soon as i drop my purse and take off my shoes.  she starts with letting me pet her, then meowing, telling me all about her day, and the sort of trouble her brother caused.

 she somehow knows when i need snuggles, and is always there for me.
we've been through thick and thin, us gals.

this last photo was taken of us right before we left ottawa.  she wanted to say hi to gram and melissa, tell them we'd be home soon.
because she's sweet like that.

i loves her big time.

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