Wednesday, December 14, 2011

peel it off...

i chopped my hair off...

just kidding!

somewhere amidst all these layers, my bum is hiding...

cardi, skirt, floral pins: ruche, blouse: melissa's (ruche), shoes: aldo, infinity scarf: ae, necklace & bracelet: tiffany's


could i BE wearing any more clothes??
i'm basically in love with layering, if you haven't noticed. teeheehee

as i'm sure you can tell, i had a hair appointment last night.  i know, it's obvious every time i have one, because something is always different.  my bangs are shorter, due to the fact that i'm terrible at trimming them, and i wanted them to be a decent length for next weekend.  and my ombre bottom is a bit darker.  which i love.  i've been going a shade darker for the past few times, slowly getting braver and getting it smack on this time!  

also, i received me double velvet bow from red velvet yesterday!  had a bit of an issue getting it to stay in my fine hair, but after a helpful email from sweet emma, i got it!  it looks yellow in these pics, but it's just the lighting.  it's a nice cream, perfect with my green dress for christmas eve!! (my favourite day of the year).

happy wednesday!


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