Monday, December 12, 2011

when my dress and christmas tree matches...

dress, shoes, belt: borrowed from melissa (ruche, asos, unknown), top: ruche, tights: american apparel


today i had a serious case of the mondays. serious. i am *so happy* it's almost over.  complete with ruining my fave pair of tights. thank you hendrix.  i now agree with grampy, you are a shithead. (but i still love you)...

this week is a busy week!  work and home.  year end is always a crazy time of year.  mix that with everyone trying to get things done before the holidays, CRAZIER.  add to that trying to get all your personal christmas stuff done... yowza!  this week consists of baking, hair appointment, decorating at melissa's for avery's 2nd birthday party, the party itself, did i mention baking? then mailing?? yea, it's possible some people (ashley) won't be getting their christmas goodies before christmas.  i'm sorry.  

on that note, i haven't even taken my christmas photo with hendrix yet.  for someone who starts christmas season on november 12th, you'd think i'd be way more on the ball than i am.  i have no idea what's up this year.  note to self for next year: start earlier!!

happy monday.
but better yet: happy almost tuesday.

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  1. i'm still yet to return my lace top like that, and all of your pretty outfits make me want to keep it.

    i wonder if it would look better now that i have the ladies? :D