Thursday, December 22, 2011

green eyed girl...

i've always liked trying to play up my googley green eyes.  lately, melissa's constant sharing of new eye makeup tips has me motivated to try some new stuff too.  i was very dependant on my regular MAC eye regime: phloof! in the inner corners, jest on the lid, and handwritten as a subtle liner.
enter too faced.  melissa loaned it to me to test try some new shades. instant love. 
but pretty similar to my daily shadows...

 then i was introduced to urban decay's naked.  and i thought, 'now there's an idea.  get some more light neutrals, but a few darker, sparklier, riskier shades!'

so i ordered it from sephora.

a nice palette, wouldn't you say?? lots of warm neutrals, with a splash of pinks and taupes, and some blue tones.
surprise surprise, my faves are:

thinking outside the box clearly isn't my strong point.
so in the past month, my eye obsession got a little out of hand, with my eyelash extensions, naked shadows, bioelements eye makeup remover (good for the extensions, and doubles as an all over makeup remover... bang for the buck!), eyelash extension mascara for the times i want some extra oumpf, and the Urban Decay eye primer that came with my naked palette.  
who knew primer helped keep eyeshadow in place so much longer??
i also may have splurged on two lip butters with my sephora purchase...
because who doesn't pretty lips that feel oh so smooth??

apple brandy & adore u


so pretty.
so smooth.

i love being a girl.



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