Thursday, December 22, 2011

oh christmas tree(s)...

 i'm a tad bit obsessed with christmas. have you noticed?
my official christmas season starts on november 12th. early right? wrong.
i have four trees to decorate. four.
plus the one at work.

this is my mom's tree... and her railing... and a few little decorations.
her colour scheme is brown, amber, bronze, gold and cream, with a smidgen of lime... 

 then there's my tree...
vintage inspired with lots of gold, cream, light blues and mints...

 i found it a little bland, so i added some red!


did i mention i have two trees? but not enough room for both... so i brought it to the cottage.
a black tree, with white mesh, pewter, cream/white, silver, and blue ornaments.

 then there's the 'family' tree.  the real tree, with a hodge podge assortment of ornaments we've been collecting since i was a baby.
also, christmas eve, we all add an ornament with our name and birth year on it.
very days of our lives...

 outside... we can't forget that!
white lights, garland and trees, with red mesh, x 2 doors. and white lights on the front of the house.

butter tarts, with a french style pastry.

 my treat tins are a hot commodity around here.
a select few close friends and family, and coworkers gets to enjoy these treats.

martha stewart: beware!



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  1. Love your trees, decorations, and especially the baked goods I got in the mail from you today. Those tarts are sooo amazing, along with everything else. Yes, we may have tried everything, and there may be but a small piece of Christmas bark left at the bottom of the tin, anxiously waiting to be gobbled up by our family of five. What can I say? Your Christmas baking was a hit by all. :)