Tuesday, December 27, 2011

baby its... warm outside...

dress, belt, knee socks, earrings, floral pins: ruche, scarf: ae, tights: american apparel, boots: urbanog


christmas is over. back to work tomorrow.  how does it go by so quickly?  weeks of preparing, and in a blink of the eye, it's over for another year.  so sad. 
i'm hoping santa was very good to everyone! he definitely found my house. apparently i was on the extreme nice list this year.  i was spoiled by my parents and my bestie, friends, family, and coworkers. i really have the most amazing people in my life.  and for that, i'm truly thankful.

today was a whopping +1 degree celsius. that's very warm for this time of year.  mind you i was a tad chilly when i was taking these pics sans coat, it's a definite welcome from the -20s we had last week.  mind you it's reasons like this that i probably end up catching colds...

so, a few more days till we ring in 2012.  what are your new years wishes? plans? resolutions?

i'm still working on mine, but i'll definitely share come the new year.



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