Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i left my brain behind...

dress, cardi, earrings, necklace, belt: ruche, tights: american apparel, boots: shelly's boots (from karmaloop... cheaper boots and cheaper shipping!)


ya gotta love a three day work week.  especially when it starts out on a serious lack of sleep the night before.  followed by spilling orange juice on your dress almost as soon as you sit at your desk.  then, when you're notified that the server is going to be down for maintenance, and you think 'no problem, i have work that i can do without my computer', so you spend 10 minutes grabbing those files, sorting them, getting the labels ready to label each item... and you realize... nope, i need my excel sheet to know which label goes on what.  finally, it's lunch. oh, but after lunch, the finance department meeting. in which it seems your brain just isn't functioning.  the worst part? it seems to be spreading. no one's brain is functioning. everyone is giddy and funny...
the good part?? everyone is giddy and funny, and no one is cranky.

thankfully it's hump day.

i couldn't survive 4 more work days after this one.


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  1. i totally missed this post!
    but i love your boots with that dress!!