Friday, December 30, 2011

top: ruche, pants: gap, necklace: gift, boots: gift from avery


avery is quite possibly the world's best 2 year old shopper.  he gets me the most awesomest of prezzies.  these booties were my christmas present this year.  adorable and comfortable.  the only 'downside'??  they're worst to lace up than skates!  
you should've seen me this morning trying to figure them out... it took me probably 3 minutes to get one laced up. at which point i had to text melissa and say "oh my god you should see me trying to lace these boots up"... to which she replies "oh trust me, i know"... (she also got them as a christmas prezzie)...

but once the hard work of lacing them up is done, they are so much fun to wear.

also, these jeggings?? worth the $80? so yes.  they are incredibly comfortable.  like a second skin.  mind you i got them with a 60% off coupon, so i didn't pay the $80.  but i so would have.
happy end of december!!
i actually have plans tonight and tomorrow (amazing, i know)... so i'll be back on sunday to post about my NYE. 

see you all in 2012!



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