Sunday, January 01, 2012

a much accepted ending...

2011 was the year i committed to maintaining my blog...
every other year, i would start, then become too busy... find reasons not to blog... postpone and procrastinate.
this past year, i'm proud to say i kept it up.

it's also the year i started coming out of my fashion-shell, and finally found a style that was 'me'...
i've always loved vintage looks and antiques... and finally, my wardrobe has come to follow this style. and for the first time in a long time, i feel comfortable with my image.

some of 2011's favourite outfits:

truth be told, 2011 was also a year i kind of  lost myself.  i fell back into a more lazy groove, stopped zumba and working out, which then left me with less energy than i was accustomed to.  my lifestyle kind of dwindled down the drain, and i didn't do as much as i normally did.
i also fell back into a relationship that maybe i shouldn't have. it took a lot of energy and effort, and i put a lot of things hold that i was aiming for in 2011. while i don't regret it, sometimes we need to remember that things ended for a reason the first time.  i'm happy to at least say i won't have the "what if's" later in life... but at the same time, i need to learn to trust my gut, and sometimes ignore my heart.  i do wear my heart on my sleeve, and admittedly, it sometimes causes more pain than happiness.  i'm sad to say that this time, it resulted in me losing a childhood friend. at least for the time being.
lesson learned. i hope.

i don't want you to think that this year was entirely a bad one.  it was far from it, filled with many good memories, meeting new people, and coming to some realizations that will hopefully help me to fulfill my goals for 2012.  rather than post about them in my little 2011 recap, i'll do so with my first official 2012 post.

a very happy new year to everyone!!

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  1. Good post! I have similar feelings about 2011 being full of definite highs and lows. There are some things I know I don't want to repeat. I know I'll make many mistakes this year too, but I really am trying to move forward :)