Tuesday, January 03, 2012

a new year, a new perspective...

in continuing with my last post... although 2012 isn't necessarily a beginning, it's definitely a new perspective on things.  i've come to several realizations, which have helped me to set some new goals...
i've just turned 30.  i had a very fulfilled decade of my 20's.  i did a bit of traveling, appropriate to my 20's i believe... focused more on going down south instead of seeing the sights i definitely feel more drawn to now.  i fell in love... and fell in love again and again.  which also lead to some serious heartbreak, but it always seems to mend just fine, without too many permanent scars.
i've moved around quite a bit, tried different schools and jobs.  doing this has left me with the courage to be alone.  i can move to a new city where i know no one, i can meet new people, see new things, and have brand new experiences that i might have otherwise been afraid to do.
i can move back to a small town, where honestly, i never thought i'd want to return to permanently.  i've accepted that i am in fact a country girl. i like a slow pace, taking my time, not feeling rushed.  i like quiet. i like home.  
i found a job that i find fulfilling, but that i can leave work issues at work.  i had a very hard time with this in the past, but no longer.  i learn something new all the time, and while some tasks are tedious, i still enjoy them.  i like that i'm in an environment where i was thrown into learning all new things, and i've succeeded quite well.
and on that note, i have news: my job started december 2010, with the intent of it being only a 2 month contract.  after much hard work over the past year, i've just been moved into my own office, and was offered at least another year's work.  which, fingers crossed, turns into permanent!  i'm extremely excited over this, and it's left me with motivation for this new year.

in 2012, i hope to:

1 - purchase my own home. now that i'm not terrified to be unemployed next week, it's time to make that commitment.  
2 - lose the last 15 lbs of the 20 lbs i've gained since working here (there's a constant supply of chocolate here... it's clearly dangerous).
3 - get back into running and hiking, and maybe zumba... i was more energetic, and i miss that.
4 - listen to my gut and follow my instincts.  this also coincides with:
5 - stop putting my life on hold for love.  while i'm not against finding someone new and starting a new relationship, i want my focus and effort to be directed towards my own life right now.  it's time for me ME and less US for a change. my own life needs to get on track.
6 - actually use my new snowshoes this winter, and if that goes well:
7 - buy a bike for the summer.
and finally
8 - spend more time with my loved ones.

there you have it folks.  my goals for the new year, although it's really a task list that i hope to maintain, and not just achieve in 2012.  i think it's tangible with some work.



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