Tuesday, January 03, 2012


dress & necklace: ruche, tights: american apparel, shoes: aldo, belt: melissa's


just a quick post since i've already posted today!  have you checked out yesterday's sweetheart's  blog??  i found her via instagram, and i'm swooning over her style.  she's so romantical.  and she almost always has on white/cream tights... so... i figure, i can do it!  cream tights are really an effort for me.  i find i either look like a little girl or alice in wonderland.  but i just love them on everyone else... so after looking at her blog last night, i was inspired.

i didn't quite pull it off as she does, but hopefully with some time and effort, i'll get it!




  1. Thank you so much for the sweet words!!! I'm completely dying over your entire outfit! Are those aldo shoes a recent purchase, I feel like I NEED!? Also, reply back with your Instagram name! :)<3


  2. They're actually about 4 years old! They're the most comfortable shoes... I pat myself on the back every time I wear them that I purchased them! haha
    instagram is jjbean27