Wednesday, January 04, 2012

the return of mint...

 blouse, skirt, shoes: ruche, tights: we love colors


i'll let you in on a little secret i discovered this week: i hate malls.  i can't even begin to tell you how out of character this is for me.  i used to love malls, even if i wasn't going to buy anything... just to wander, look at stuff, try stuff on. and now?  hate it.  it's crowded, sales people are either attacking you trying to get a sale, or ignoring you altogether when you actually need help.  

enter online shopping.  which i have to say, i'm borderline addicted to (although that's coming to an end, now that i'm house-saving)... i can't complain, i have quite an assortment in my closet as it is, and i just love mixing and matching new outfits every sunday for the upcoming work-week.  and thankfully, right before i found out i was getting that contract at work (which was what i was waiting for to commit to buying a house), i made a few orders with some longer, more meeting-appropriate pieces for work. 
in the past year, i've made it onto ruche's style file and blogger roundup.  i'm there yet again, with a 2011 recap.  you can see it here.

this year, while i'm instituting a personal budget, i'll have to be more creative with outfits, and not get stuck in a routine of go-to outfits.  keep me in line if you see lots of repeats!



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  1. got your contract? And neglected to tell me!!??!!!