Thursday, January 05, 2012

awesome & awkward: dance moves edition...

 cardi, top, skirt, belt, earrings: ruche, boots: shelly's (from karmaloop), tights: american apparel


today is thursday! awkward and awesome day!  

i'm going to do it a little bit backwards today...


- starting the new year off in a new office, with a new contract, and an email signature
- the fact that it doesnt take much to make me happy
- these boots.
- ordering records... i'm beyond excited that i just placed the order, imagine when they come in??
- my record player... i'm in love with it.


- popping in your boss's office tuesday morning and saying "happy 2010!!"... apparently i go back a year instead of ahead... next time, stick to 'happy new year!'
- trying to follow the instructions on hooking up an xm radio, and where to hide the wires. really? had i done it myself, i would've been running over the wires...
- my dance moves!

 wouldn't you love to hit up the dance floor with me??
no really, wanna hit up the dance floor with me?? i'm in a dancing mood!


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