Wednesday, January 18, 2012

happy birthday bestie...

today is my bestie's 31st birthday.  this gal has been my bestie since junior high. for her birthday, there's a few things i'd like to share with her:

1. you've turned me into a wino just as we enter our 30s.  i'm truly grateful to be out of my beer 20s.
2. you are the best gift giver ever, and i'm pretty sure i'm still single because all exes feel inadequate next to you.
3. you are almost totally incapable of speaking badly about anyone, and so having you as my bestie really brings balance to my life. earth + water
4. you are beautiful, both inside and out.
5. you are my favourite chick-flick buddy, because you now cry in them too, and no longer am i the only mushy one.
6. you are my forever wing night buddy, because you know to pick the bad ones out of my basket.
7. you make the best birthday cakes, even if the first attempt crumbles to bits and pieces.
8. you are an amazing mama, and blessed me with an amazing godson who charms me with fish kisses and ringalos, to which my heart sometimes feels like it could burst, it's so full.
9. you are the best dressed person i know.  aside from that stylin chick in the mirror of course.
10. you are my favourite ice-cream germ sharer on the planet.

i wish you the happiest of birthdays and an amazing 31st year.



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