Wednesday, January 18, 2012

was there life before youtube?...

i don't remember what life was like before youtube.  or online video instructions.  i use it so regularly these days, that i honestly have no inclination how i used to learn things before.  youtube has been my teacher of french braiding and fishtail braiding.  it helped me to check the belt on my turntable christmas morning...  many bloggers use it for hair and makeup tutorials... (i'm not there yet, but soon hopefully)...

i was extremely excited when i noticed veronika of tick tock vintage posted a tutorial on how to do a french braided crown.  she sported this a while back, and i loved it.  i did attempt it then, but i had a hard time when i had to switch my hands and go in the other direction.  her tutorial was helpful, and i got it on my first try.

it was neater this morning, before i had to wear a hood in the snowy, windy weather outside.  i'll definitely be sporting this hairstyle regularly.  i think it can both dress up and dress down an outfit.

                dress, blouse, earrings: ruche
                boots: gift
                tights: we love color

again, i apologize for the abundance of indoor blog pictures.  the temperatures here have been insanely cold, with crazy wind chills.  please be patient.  the weather will warm up in eastern canada yet again, and there will be more scenic and aesthetically pleasing pictures... someday... maybe in june.


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  1. Very nice hair style! I've done something similar and have been wanting to do it again soon.