Thursday, January 19, 2012

awkward & awesome: the optometrist/record edition...

- going to the optometrist today and having her remember me from my last appointment nearly two years ago.  the one where she put eye drops in my eyes.  and i screamed, and closed my eyes... and told her the drops were in them when really, my eyes were shut super tight.  

- the fact that instead of putting the drops in my eyes, she tried to trick me into thinking she was just going to 'look' at them with a jedi-type-contraption.  then i panicked, and she told me the truth.  she was going to touch my eyeball with it.  MY EYEBALL!  yea, that went over well...

- the fact that i need reading glasses... and i'm fussy.  and she had to order me three different frames to try.  let's hope one works, because imagine just how awkward it would be if none of them did. yikes!

- my record player.  the joy it brings me... vinyl, a glass of wine, and a bubble bath.  is there anything better?? ok... maybe company with that... but i'm not there yet.

- the records that have arrived this week!  two van morrison's and a joan jett 2 LP greatest hit!!  i'm in heaven. truly, i am.

- my weekend plans... yes, i have plans.  and it's not supposed to storm! can you hear me squealing??... underworld: awakening tomorrow, and birthday dinner & drinks saturday with melissa and her fam jam! 

               dress, lace jacket, necklace: ruche
               tights: walmart
               shoes: aldo
               record player: gift! (uo)
               LP's: amazon


i hope your week was as awkward and awesome as mine!


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