Wednesday, January 11, 2012


i've been looking at other blogs lately, and felt mine needed some sprucing up... a revamp of sorts.  'randomness at it's finest...' suited me a few years ago, when my life was more on the random side... moving around, finding new jobs, meeting new people.  let's be honest.  lately i'm a little less than random.

i've been bouncing around a few ideas for a few weeks, and i was hoping to have it changed by the new year... but i just couldn't decide.  and it hit me last night... 'small town, big smile'... very much suits my personality.  i find it often more difficult to describe oneself than others.  this is the issue i was having with my blog.  to find a title, a colour scheme... a template?  you want readers to feel a bit of yourself when they read/view your blog.  mine just wasn't cutting it.  i feel the template definitely still needs tweaking.  right colours... mint, cream, red... so me.  but simple? plain? the problem is that i like pattern, but i don't want it to take away from the photos. we'll see what i manage to come up with in the weeks to come.

so... opinions?  what do you think? do you like it? is it me? will you grab my button??



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