Wednesday, January 11, 2012

when old and new collide...

 don't you just love when an 'old' piece of clothing suddenly becomes a favourite again?  i just 'refound' an old tank top.  it's oversized, and long.  when i bought it, i styled it over skinny jeans, with a belt at my waist.  now i'm kind of over that style for the most part, so this top has been sitting in my closet, unworn, for some time.  then last weekend, i realized it looks great with a new pair of shorts i just got.  since wearing it that one time, i've suddenly found more use for it!

when i bought this lace top, it was because i absolutely loved it over the floral dress in the lookbook.  the fact that you could still see the detailing of the dress through the top was something i hadn't really considered before with other lace pieces.  so when i wear this top with a skirt, i feel very limited, since i normally wear a cream tank underneath.

          top, tank, skirt, shoes, earrings, belt: ruche
          tights: american apparel
          necklace: gift

enter my old/new favourite.  when i decided to wear this skirt today (i tend to aim for midi-length skirts and dresses on meeting days at work), i realized how nicely my floral tank would go with it, tucked in, with a belt over the skirt, and a cardigan.  so as i'm getting this outfit ready and hanging it all together, i'm also putting away some clean laundry. enter this top.  and it dawns on me. this would look good!  i decided to tuck it in with the tank top, as oppose to my usual over-the-skirt/dress, with a belt at the waist.

the result? i'm quite pleased with it.

here's a glimpse at my old floral tank.

ps... does my post title bring anything to mind? a song perhaps??
it was my inspiration for the title...


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