Wednesday, January 11, 2012

calling all bloggers...

i just had an idea...
the delightful dozen is currently looking for five replacement bloggers for some of their current bloggers who are leaving.  unfortunately, it's not open to bloggers outside of the US.

my idea:
why not start one of our own? 

granted, it'll be hard to find 12 bloggers immediately... but i'd definitely like to start up a blog with the same idea, but with less bloggers at the beginning.  i have some ideas for recurring posts, and of course i'd love for anyone else who's chosen for this to submit ideas as well!  it's a collaberation of bloggers. 

a few things to keep in mind:
i'm canadian, so in order to swap items, please state if you are from canada and willing to ship internationally or not.  this will be a key factor in deciding who will 'make the cut'... depending on how many are within canada, and who's willing to ship internationally.  (i am willing, so please, if you are from outside of canada, feel free to submit your info to apply!!)

a few of the ideas will be:
1. to swap clothing, which of course will lead to posts once a few of us have shared the item.
2. we'll each take turns with our own post, so depending on how many of us, that may be once a week,  or a few times a month.  please keep this in mind.
3. little surprise swaps at various times of the year.
4. posts with a favourite item listed by each blogger.
5. a review of a movie/book/album.
of course all of these are just ideas!  subject to change depending on the participants feelings and opinions.

please email me with your name, country you reside in, why you would like to be a part of this, and your blog url.


  1. Great idea. I'd be willing to be a contributor, but I'm not sure how large a role I'd like to play. I'm busy with a few other projects I've committed to as well as acting and hosting. I don't want to over-commit myself and then disappoint, you know? But I'd be pleased as punch to play a smaller contributor role once it gets off the ground. Let me know if there's a place for me! thanks!

  2. sounds exciting!
    stay tuned for my email!!