Thursday, January 12, 2012

what i'm lusting this week...

in my non-shopping attitude, i'm in full on wanting mode.

a 'few' of the items on my want list this week?

this romper from lulu's... very practical, seeing as i can't wear it to work, and i already have an abundance of non-work clothing. but hey, that's the point of 'wanting' is it not?

i'm still in love with these seychelle shoes. clearly i should've invested in them back in october.

these gray cords from ruche.  i have on a brown velvet pair as we speak (figuratively... literally as we write/read). i love them.

again, another item i've had my eye on since it came online.  i love this maxi. i just can't figure out how i'd wear it to work.

this purse.  i actually may end up splurging on this one soon, as i've been wanting a boxy style purse for some time, and i'm crazy-madly-in-love with this one.

these tights. in any colour. again, i'm so practical.

i've been loving this dress since the fall. i so wish it came in another colour.  mustard doesn't bode well with my complexion.

this cutie that just came back in stock at modcloth.

are you detecting a trend yet?? hehe love this dress.

not shopping is HARD!
i don't recommend it.
so go shop. and buy me something.


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