Saturday, January 14, 2012

saturday night excitement...

it snowed thursday night, and friday... then it switched to freezing rain friday afternoon/night... then today, it snowed again. and flurries. and a lot of wind. the result? homebound. my excitement? i just ordered the king harvest LP.  i kept telling myself i'd wait and find the dancing in the moonlight single, and not pay $20+ for a whole album where i only like one song.
i lied to myself.
i gave up. 

album purchased!


yes, i'm excited.  so for a homebound weekend, i'm a pretty happy gal right now.

bask in my happiness by listening to the tune:

it's been a favourite of mine for years, on my ipod, now on my iphone... and it's only right that it's one of my first LP purchases.

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