Thursday, February 23, 2012

february luxe box review...

 so here it is... the february luxe box...

they've partnered with flare magazine... which i'm not impressed with.  we get a card to send in to order a subscription.  i think a free magazine should've been part of the package.

made just for me again.  at least i love the sticker!

  • 3 samples of redken colour extend shampoo and conditioner.  while three is quite a few, at least those people who've never tried it before get a good idea as to what it's really like.  i happen to like this shampoo and conditioner.  it's what i was using until i switched to moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner... not to mention it's affordable.
  • dkny pure perfume sample.  smells pretty good, and it's a pretty big sample, so i think this was worth it.  i don't LOVE the fragrance, but it's a nice size sample and a good brand, so it makes me a bit happier with the quality of this month's luxe box.
  • dermalogica face cleansing powder.  i've tried it twice now, and i have a very love/hate feeling towards it.  i love the product, how my face feels after, so incredibly clean and smooth without irritation.  this is a bonus for me, as i have extremely sensitive skin.  i hate the retail price of the full size product.  $75 for cleanser?? not in my budget.
  • and finally, cargo lash activator mascara.  which i have not tried, and i'm not sure if/when i will, as i have eyelash extensions and rarely wear mascara... and when i do, it's mascara specifically for extensions.

overall... i'd say worth the $12, and i will use most of this months products.  i'm still disappointed because for the second month in a row, i feel like i've gotten one of the lower quality boxes.  also, compared to previous boxes, i just don't feel the it's meeting my expectations.  which, clearly, are too high.


  1. I always get so interested in these things but I have the worst luck and would probably get things I'd never use!

  2. Your box is def better than mine.. and that's really hard to say even.
    Check out my box...

    I feel like I got the left over stuff people got long time ago. Did you see what others got? Wayy better than ours :(

  3. I really like the mascara! But the rest of the box is meh....really wished I would have scored benefit's sunbeam!