Friday, February 24, 2012

drawing inspiration...

 when you're about to rely on one of your ole dependable outfits, try to grab some inspiration from one of your favourite style bloggers...

this is what i did.  although this is the first time i've blogged this sweater dress (i think), i've actually worn it a lot, and have had it since ruche's "autumn in session" 2010 fall lookbook.  it's one of my 'dependable' pieces, especially on a day that i want to feel cozy.  my normal ensemble is with a plain taupe dress under it, brown tights, and my brown oxford shoes.  this is what i had originally pulled out of my closet to wear.  and then it hit me. wow, dependable. seeing as i had a few minutes to spare, i jumped online to quickly peruse my favourite bloggers to find a quick inspiration.

on my first glance, i spotted my inspiration.  mara, of m loves m, had a simple dress paired with teal tights (see here).  perfect.  but then i thought, instead of my plain taupe dress under, why not add something with a little bit of detail?  in comes the dover shift dress.  the lace around the skirt of the dress was at the perfect length to just sneak out, and the colour was just a few shades off of my sweater dress, allowing for that lovely teal pop not to be overwhelming.

thank you mara, for your lovely inspiration for this outfit. 

          sweater dress, dress, necklace, shoes: ruche
          tights: american apparel



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