Sunday, February 26, 2012


 remixing will be a strong topic for me over the next week, so bare with me.  my mother is off on a trip to Alberta to visit my father, and borrowed my camera, so i'll be attempting to stretch some of my outfit posts over these 9 days.  i figured some remixing could fill the gaps.

today's topic: skirts.

remixing a caramel skirt three different ways.  the simple solution: changing the blouse/tights/shoes.  however, these shoes just go so perfectly, i've been wearing them with it each time.  as you can see from the pictures, the skirt can go from professional to playful with just a simple addition of a punch of colour.  i also like tops with pattern, as the skirt is so long and just one plain fabric.

 next: a party skirt with a special detail.  three different colours of tights and different styles of shoes really change up the look of the outfit.  from tstraps, to oxfords, to boots.  each time, however, i've pulled from the lace detail and added extra lace to the outfit.  in the case of the cardigan, it's how i tie in the navy cardigan, with the matching lace detail.

 finally, a long pleated skirt.  in all three outfits, i stick with a belt at the waist, because otherwise i seem to lose my natural waist-line in it.  again, because it's a midi length, i try to add pattern or texture on the top.  long, solid pieces are great for layers. 

another tip: just switching up your hairstyle can change the outfit look.  



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