Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remixing... part 2...

 as with my last post, this is another remix, but based on dresses (the first to come)...

one problem i face working in an office environment is having office appropriate outfits, but still in the style that i like... i don't actually buy 'work clothes'... my clothes are all every day pieces.

being 5'6" with a 33" inseam, sometimes i'm borderline with the length.  i find tights help with this problem, as they cover up the legs.  

in my first look, i'm wearing the woodbine floral dress from ruche.  i love it, but it's rather low cut and just borders my comfortable length.  the first time i wore it, i wore a tank under, but i didn't find it complimented the dress at all.  being that it's a floral multi-colour pattern, i decided to try pulling from those colours.  it's shown with two different pussy-bow blouses under, which i think is a perfect way to dress up a more casual dress.  having the sleeves peak out also add some interest to it.  in the first outfit, because i chose a bolder colour for the blouse, i stuck with very neutral tights.  in the second, i flipped it.  

my second remix is of the dover shift dress, again from ruche.  the first look is as it appeared in their lookbook, with a floral scarf and tights.  while i love this look, it's a bit too spring/summer for the winter seasons for my liking.  in the second photo, i kept the scarf to add a bit of pattern, but opted for khaki tights and a cream cardi, keeping the whole look very subtle.  in the third, i wore it as a layering piece.  with a sweater dress over, the lace detail of the dress just peaks out.  for a bolder statement, i opted for teal tights.

happy remixing!


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