Tuesday, May 01, 2012

april in instagram...

 april was a very busy month for me, which resulted in a lack of blog posts.  a little quick recap of my month for you... 

i got a haircut, and so did chloe...

a coworker brought her puppies to work! meet izzy and bella... 

i started seeing a pretty amazing guy... 

 he takes me on the most unique dates... 

 and we had our first beach fire of the year, where i also got to use my vintage thermos set for the first time! 

it was administrative professionals day, and part of my prezzie at work were these delicious chocolates! also, i started painting at my parents' cottage... 

and lastly, i've been preoccupied with doodling floor plans and daydreaming, because... I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

i get my keys may 31st. so, may and june are about to be pretty hectic months as well. 
but hectic and exciting are coming hand in hand.




  1. So much good news in this post! I've recently started following your blog, and I think it's adorable! Congrats on buying a house! That's something I can only dream of at the moment. And I hope that things continue to go well with this new man of yours!


  2. I've been lurking and reading for a bit now and that "SOLD" sign looked awful familiar so...turns out you're from New Brunswick...me too! Though currently living in NYC, lol!

  3. Sounds like you've got a lots of great things up ahead. Congrats on the house!

  4. Best month ever!
    So proud of you!