Wednesday, May 02, 2012

strawberry tomato...

strawberry dress and tomato sunnies... i'm very nutritious in my outfit today.  my godson avery, melissa's little boy, surprised me with these new sunglasses yesterday.  i've said it before, and i'll say it again, that 2 year old has amazing fashion sense and gives the best gifts. 

today was one of the first warm days we've had since spring officially started.  it was actually nice enough to be outside in just a cardigan.  this is a pretty pleasant change from the windy, cold, snow flurry days we had on the weekend.  fingers crossed that this weather sticks around.


so this weekend is the premier of the avengers.  have you heard? are you as excited as i am?? i absolutely love comic book/superhero movies.  i've seen all of the character building movies (thor, captain america, iron man 1 & 2, the hulk)... i love them all, but the trailer for the avengers looks INSANE.  i highly recommend you go check out the trailer for yourself and see if you also get goosebumps.

in other news, my mom and i are heading to moncton this weekend for some house/cottage supply shopping.  she's doing some minor-facelifting to the cottage, just some paint, new accessories, etc.  she's in need of a few things. and, with just purchasing a house, i have a need/want list.  i bought a few things, and i have a few more necessities to buy.  other than that, i'll be scoping out the yard sales and flea markets this summer.  it's so tempting to go out and buy all new items, but realistically, i need to watch my spending for a bit.

that being said, if you happen to spot any mint green vintage goodies that scream 'jana', please let me know.  those are on the need, not want, list.
     dress: trollied dolly
     cardi & sunnies: forever 21
     tights: american apparel
     shoes: ruche

and finally, i leave you with my discovery of the day:


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