Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a month in instagram...

 i haven't forgotten about my blog... really and truly. the past month has been a very busy, albeit good busy, month indeed.  having several new projects/assignments/rolls at work, getting the keys to my house, and spending lots of time with D, life is busy, and i'm lucky i have time to sleep, let alone blog.

i apologize that the catch-up is in instagram pictures, but iphone + busy life = convenient!

 between all the hectic-ness, we definitely find some time to be mellow and just enjoy each other... his hammock being a fave spot :)

 i got my house keys! it is now officially mine.  i was preparing before getting the keys by buying things to furnish and decorate it... like vintage needlepoint dining chairs... 

and pretty vintage girl prints!

 now comes tougher part... painting and making it 'me'. i've decided to hold off moving in, so that i can paint all of the rooms first. it's starting to come together! most of the downstairs is painted. i even have a few things in place to make it feel like a house... and when i say 'few', i mean few! 
as you can see, my paint colour-scheme is similar to that of my wardrobe!
hey, i like what i like!

i'm still managing to find lots of time to spend on the bike and at the beach... i'm a big fan of sharing his passion :)

here's a few snappies of us the night of my cousin's wedding... i think he's pretty dreamy.

moving day is scheduled for june 23rd, so hopefully i'll have some actual posts and updates following that, and get back to a routine of it!




  1. Glad to see you're doing well :) I'd noticed you hadn't been blogging much lately and hoped it was just because you were busy (which I *totally* understand). Congrats on your house! You look very happy :)

  2. Congratulations on your house, it looks absolutely adorable! And you look adorable in the photos from your cousin's wedding. I really love that dress!

  3. the photos of you two at the wedding are so, so sweet. here's to busy, lovely summer times! xo

  4. such pretty pics! i love the kissing one,adorable!

  5. loving all of the painting of the home. and those wood floors are just perfect! loving all of these instagram shots!
    xo TJ

  6. These pictures are adorable! I love the ones from your cousin's wedding. Don't ever apologize for living life over blogging - we all feel guilty about it and it's not worth it! Life is too short! xo