Tuesday, July 24, 2012

House Snappies...

 since getting my keys on may 31st, i've been house obsessed.  i know everyone says it takes time to make a house a home, but i'm impatient.  i want it to feel like it's mine, and to be warm and cozy. so after finally finishing the painting, i've been setting it up, rearranging, hitting yard sales galore.
here's a glimpse of the results...

my back entrance/mudroom, still pretty plain...  along with a peek of my backyard.

my bathroom, shower curtain from urban outfitters, and my 'closet'... which is actually the smallest of three bedrooms.  i really wanted a space where i could see my clothing, primp, visualize... now i have it.

chloe adjusting to the new house.  she's finding pretty spots to hang out, on a yard sale find chair, and in a window with lace curtains.

 my kitchen... which used to be red! i've been in love with farmhouse style corner hutches for a while now, and i managed to find this white one.  it was over my budget, but it just fit so perfectly. i had to take it home. i painted it mint green to add a bit of pop to it. so pleased with the results! (now just to fill it with dishes!).

my cream/white kitchen!  i've since replaced those light fixture shades with milk glass shades. it suits my style much better.  also, i managed to scrounge up lots of milk glass vases for this little spot over the stove.

i don't have a dining room, nor is there space for a large table in my kitchen. this table just fits perfectly! mixed with vintage linens in mint green, milk glass/hobnail accessories (vase and lamp), a teapot gift, and some aqua melamine teacups, its a romantic-farmhouse look.

these prints can be found in my kitchen as well.  the first two i found on etsy, and the second needlepoint was a $2 yardsale find. Score!

instagram, as you can see, is a part of my life. i just love the vintagey photos. so, i after spotting an instagram wall on elsie's blog, i thought this was the perfect spot for one. i've linked her tutorial, but i found painters tape didn't hold the photos. i switched to the blue sticky poster putty. so far so good.

also, lots of vintage goodies in the living room, found at various yard sales.  one persons trash is another's treasure after all!

as you can see, milkglass pops up repeatedly in my home, with some vases and a lamp again on an end table. i also have extra dining chairs throughout the house in the case of guests for dinner.  

and here's an example of my rearranging... note the difference of the display items on this cabinet?  a new vintage typerwriter find means rearranging everything and finding some new homes for items.

 i have a porch!! this was on my 'must have' list when i was house hunting.  vintage sofa and chairs, suitcases... these were a combination of yard sales and kijiji.  i also have a lamp and rocking chair, which were from my mother's family home.

little perks: i'm not a phone person. i almost didn't get one hooked up. but i did, and that called for an awesome phone! (sorry for the pun).  etsy has been a saviour for my impatience these past few months.  i found this working rotary phone.  love it.  and also, have i mentioned i have a strawberry patch??  a sweet treat indeed.  


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