Wednesday, August 08, 2012

backyard wonders...

i'm sure some of you thought i'd forgotten about my blog, or given up.  far from it.  truth be told, my outfits have been lacking creativity for the past few months.  i'll blame it on an over-abundance of home creativity.  now that the house is finally coming together and warming up, i've started to get some of my outfit inspirations back.   which seemed like a great time to reappear in the blog world.

i've been on a  clothing-shopping hiatus for a while.  being a home owner, funds are limited.  but i have to admit, months of wearing the same outfits over and over had me craving at least a few new pieces.  i'd been eyeing this dress and tie for some time, thinking it'd be very transitional from summer to fall and winter. 


once deciding today was a blog day, i realized that meant i need to find some picture locations! these are all from my backyard.  there's a big field behind my house, as well as a little barn not far.  a little exploring through the tall grass, and we had some great back drops!  (hendrix joined us of course).

i don't think i'll be back to blogging every day, or close to it, for some time yet.  nor will it always be about fashion.  i'll start sharing some more detailed photos about my home as well, little details, where i find inspiration... and some road and bike trips, which we've been doing our fair share of.

     dress, blouse: ruche (same dress available at modcloth)
     tie: flapper girl
     belt: came with another dress
     shoes: chelsea crew

a last tidbit: i just purchased the new gaslight anthem album.  if you haven't listened, i'd encourage you to. one of my fave tracks:


  1. LOVE that outfit!! Missed your postings! :D

  2. I am in love with your new house! I was also pleased as punch when I discovered that you live in New Brunswick.