Monday, August 20, 2012

what i'm currently working on: peach room...

welcome to my peach room.  it wasn't always peach. it was originally a khaki colour, with the painted faux-tile floors you see below. i painted it peach. it was a gamble, but miraculously, the colour turned out exactly as i'd hoped!

 the faux tiles weren't exactly my style, so i temporarily painted. (eventually i plan to knock down a wall, at which point i'll sand them... but i'm getting WAY ahead of myself).  

not having a definite use for this room, it turned into a room to put the furniture that i couldn't find a home for anywhere else.  this included my beloved nest chair (which you see in the back corner). 

i also put up some black framed black and white concert pictures horizontally along the walls of the entire room.  i didn't take a picture of the room with these photos up, because i just really didn't like the overall look, but it's the photos you see below (taken from a previous apartment).

it really just didn't suit the room, or my house, which has a vintagey feel to it. i felt this was too glam.  after much thought and hesitation, i decided it was time to accept that the nest chair just doesnt suit my home. i love it, and i love that its so big and comfy... but hating the style of the room, i just never go in there. i debated slip covering it, but i don't think it'll help the problem of it being a wasted space.

enter the large painting you see on the back wall.  this is a beauty i scored for $20.  it's a vintage oil painting. i've decided that is the inspiration i needed to get this overhaul started.  i took down the black curtains, and ordered white lace ones to replace them.  the two chairs and the desk are for sale (alas!). the lamp shades will be replace, and the dresser repainted. the plan is to get a variety of comfortable chairs  and a few occasional tables and make it a sitting room.  granted, i have the living room, but with a sofa and two small chairs, it really isn't ideal for a gathering. the porch is fabulous, but in eastern canada, not realistic for most of the year.  i figured this space would be better utilized with this change.

wish me luck!

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