Wednesday, September 26, 2012

autumn has hit home...

with the arrival of fall weather, i've been itching to decorate my house accordingly.  slowly, it's happening.  i really wanted to make/buy some wreathes for my doors... living in rural NB isn't the prime spot for original items though.  i looked on etsy and pinterest for some inspiration, and headed to town for some supplies. pickings were slim. i guess i'll have to either order supplies online, or just order a couple of wreathes themselves.  i did manage to find lots of pumpkins and decorate in a fall theme with those!

i scored this Pilgrim/Dutch style table cloth at a yard sale this summer for $2.  at first i almost left it there, and then i came to my senses and turned around to get it.  it's perfect for fall in my house!  i'm now trying to find a similar winter/christmas one.

pumpkin clusters outside makes for a nice, subtle fall feel.  i may add some bails of hay, but i'm not sure. we're still busy settling in, insulating the shed for winter, etc... it may be too much of an effort for this year.

poor hendrix thought he hit the jackpot with 15 new toys. he kept trying to pick them up in his mouth like a ball... it took a bit of time to get him to understand that no, they weren't toys to play with.  hopefully he remembers and i dont walk outside to a pumpkin mess one day!!

happy autumn!!

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  1. What a lovely find that tablecloth was, and $2 for a vintage one is a very good deal indeed!