Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a bike trip, part 1: grand manan island

 this summer, dominic and i took a 5 day, 1700km road trip on his motorcycle.  while i was excited for it, i was also nervous. 5 days, with very little room to pack clothing. i'm normally a heavy packer, i admit it.  one of those reasons being i'm quite messy, and i normally end up with food, etc. on my clothing by the end of the day. add to that being on a bike and camping... it could have been a disaster. but, it turned out pretty good, and now that my first roadtrip is behind me, i feel much more comfortable with future trips and packing!

 our first destination was Grand Manan Island, in southern New Brunswick.  we almost delayed our trip, because it was quite rainy, but we decided to go for it and leave in the rain so we'd be there to start our vacation early.  we made it to the ferry with minutes to spare. we were wet and chilled. the ferry ride was a nice escape from the weather.  next task: finding a campground. we came across this nice little spot, and to my delight, it had so many rabbits.  i enjoyed following this little guy in the morning.

 swallow tail lighthouse was the first lighthouse on our trip, just off the ferry to the island.

cafes, lighthouses, wharfs... basically what this little island consists of.  it was such a nice, relaxing vacation.  even with the eerie fog, we got to see a lot of the island's beauty and character.

a mint green boat, beached, with a mint green rope.  i had to stop to take some pictures of this beauty.

these cliffs were so steep and high... probably the place i most wished that the weather would clear up so we could really see how amazing it was.  a lady we met at a cafe told us that there's amazing hiking trails at this point, but with the weather, and timing to catch the ferry back to Black's Harbour to continue on our trip, we didn't end up hiking this time.  definitely at some other time though!

 grand manan left a mark on us, so we left our mark there as well.

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