Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a bike trip, part two: deer island...

after taking the ferry back from grand manan to black's harbour (with a little detour to see another lighthouse), our second destination was deer island.  this island was tiny.  you could probably drive from end-to-end within a half hour, and driving around it wouldn't have taken much longer.  tiny, yes, but oh-so-quaint.  we both loved this island and the feel it had.  i guess in a way it was more like home for us.

the fog stayed with us on this island, but the weather was mild.  the water was like a mirror, and the fog seemed to just add a feel of mystery to it.

out of curiosity, we stopped at this little shop.  the shoppe itself turned out to be in a house next door, which was basically hundreds of old books, with some interesting antiques in there as well.  it was one of those times i was so upset to be on a bike, with no room to bring back so many interesting things with me.

we stayed on deer island for one night, in a motel to dry off.  it was such a treat.  then it was time to catch our next ferry (this would be ferry #4 at this point).  we managed to find another lighthouse on our way, where we stopped and had a surprise visit with a couple of seals.  those would be the little black blobs in the above photos.  they were actually much closer than they look.

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