Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a bike trip, part three: campebello island...

ferry ride number 4 took us to campbello island.  this was the only one we didn't camp on.  staying overnight on the small island of deer island, we left early enough on our second day that we had time to see everything on our list on campebello in the afternoon.

 being on the coast of new brunswick, you're accustomed to a lot of fishing villages.  this is mainly what the three islands consist of as well.  rather than it being a sight that bores you, there's something so welcoming about fishing communities, you start to appreciate them.  hence a lot of photos of boats and wharves.  however, this is something you don't see everywhere:

it almost seemed like a boat graveyard, with several old boats beached and being weathered...

during our ride to head harbour lighthouse, the sun miraculously came out! it was such a welcoming change in the weather.  we stopped and peeled off our rain gear and basked in riding in the bright sun.  it also made the water and docks have an entirely different feel.

head harbour light house.  the buildings, it's surroundings, the water and nets... everything lots that eerie feel and felt warm and bright and calm all at once.  we were already enjoying our vacation, even in the gloom, but this was definitely made it feel like a vacation!

dominic and i, in the sun, enjoying head harbour.

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