Thursday, September 20, 2012 wonderland...

 yesterday, when deciding where to take blog pictures, we opted (originally) for a little trail in the woods.  i felt like i was alice in wonderland, following the little white rabbit.  i was actually following my dog, but it was a similar feeling, trying to keep up.  then i spot these red mushrooms, and it solidified that feeling. 

 this one looks quite small, and it was in comparison to the others... but some were fairly large.  it's funny how something so small and seemingly insignificant can result in a magical feeling, if only for a moment, in imagining what alice felt like.

a little bit of recent excitement (at least to me) is that i got extensions put in.  my hair is so much longer and thicker now! i absolutely love it.  granted, it takes extra time drying and styling, but now i can skip a day washing it where i couldn't before (i have very fine hair, so it required washing. every.single.morning.)

 extra excitement? finally getting to wear these wellies!  it seems like since i got them (thank you melissa) that it hasn't rained much. or at least when it was appropriate to wear my hunters.  i know, you're probably thinking, "it's sunny... how is that appropriate??" i swear, it rained almost all day. 

     dress & cardi: forever 21
     tights: modcloth
     boots: hunter (gift)

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  1. It's lovely to see you wearing your Wellies you look really sweet and wearing your Wellies with Tights looks so adorable much nicer than with Jeans.