Thursday, September 13, 2012

polyvore designs

since buying a house, i'm on a slightly tighter budget.  i'll be the first to admit that it's difficult to start a new season in all old items.  being creative? it doesn't come easy when you aren't inspired or motivated.  i've been allowing myself to buy a few items, but i make sure they're pieces i really love and that have versatility for me.  i've been addicted to polyvore lately, to help me figure out some new outfit inspirations before i decide to splurge and order something.

Canadian Autumn

i did order the gourd garden dress, and i have some similar shoes and accessories to what i've included in this set, but i still add some extras in case i would choose to purchase more for the dress.

another one i did with the gourd garden dress, but with items i own or own similar to:

Gourd Garden

i ordered these plaid shorts from asos.  they were on my want list since last year, and they are on sale right now, so i'm glad i waited!

Plaid Shorts: Versatility

i caved and ordered the minnetonka boots!  i have everything else, or similar, in this set to create this whole look

Lace, leather and fringe

and lastly... i've been wanting some floral pants, but i didn't feel they were a logical purchase now that it's coming into fall and they're very summery.  i thought i'd see if i could find a pair and try to get some fall inspiration with them.  result? success! i think they'll be my next purchase with a few similar pieces to what i've included here:

Floral Pants for Fall

if you're having trouble putting together outfits or finding inspiration, i think this is a great way to get some real visuals.

happy polyvore-ing!


  1. Oh my gosh this post is so dangerous, I pretty much want everything in that first collage! Considering where about to go into Spring here it wouldnt be very practical :P

  2. love 'em ALL!! You're making me want to s.h.o.p.!!!