Friday, October 26, 2012

a bike trip, part five: bar harbor, maine...

bar harbour, maine. the furthest of our destinations.  this is where my parents went on their honeymoon, and it's a place i've always wanted to see.  we found a campground almost immediately when we arrived, set up camp, and headed out to eat after a long day of traveling and sight-seeing.

the next morning we went straight to the heart of bar harbour and spent the day wandering around, relaxing, enjoying the sites.  it's a beautiful spot, and the weather we had that day just added to the atmospher.

the docks were beautiful, and the water was so calm.  it was such a great photo op! we sat by the water for a while, dipped our toes...

we didn't take a tour on this beauty... maybe next time. there were a few things we would've liked to do, including a flight tour, but we were also both anxious to get on the bike and evade a bit of this heat.  we wanted the cool breeze in our hair!

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