Friday, October 26, 2012

a bike trip, part six: the road home...

 after bar harbor, we were ready to make our way back home.  rather then back track to the nearest border, we decided to keep going on the scenic route and make a stop in Bangor to see Stephen King's house.

a beautiful home, surrounded by a gate with gargoyles and dragons... very suiting for the author.

 it even has a complimentary black cat roaming the side walks, who was very friendly and loved attention of the site-seers.

our last night camping, we made it to Houlton, Maine.  the next morning we continued our trek back to NB.

the packed helmets were soon replaced with shopping items! when we were in Bar Harbor, we found the cutest wooden acorn bird feeders and houses.  i loved them, and inquired about having them shipped home... as luck would have it, we ended up in the hometown of their creators.  my sweet boyfriend drove around until we found the Amish village where they're made, and we purchased a few.  the helmets were then forced back onto our heads, and off we went to our Canada.

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