Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Fashions...

Christmas time... my favourite time of the year.  Also, my favourite time to dress up!  My original plan of the gold Ruche dress with green shoes was a complete fail.  It was one of those times where online vs. real life just didn't look the same.  The shoes, however, I love.  It took a few weeks, but I found the perfect dress to compliment them. It's not overly fancy, and can be easily dressed up or down, which I like, because I'll get to wear it again and again.

Vintage Christmas

After finding a great Christmas dress that's versatile, I was motivated to do the same for New Years Eve.  My original intent was a gold dress (again, after that last fail), with some sparkle.  I admitted that it would be worn once and sit in my closet collecting dust.  I was hoping to find something with a Charleston vibe to it.  Venture out of my 40-60's bubble, and back in time for inspiration.  And I found it at Modcloth.

New Years Eve

I ordered the dress and the shoes (which were out of stock at Modcloth, but I found at LuLu's!).  Once I receive them and decide if they're keepers, I'll start looking for accessories.

We don't have New Years plans as of yet, but I like to be prepared just in case.  If we decide to stay in and have a quiet night, this is an outfit I'll definitely have the opportunity to wear another time.


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