Thursday, April 11, 2013

a vintage find indeed...

i've been adding more vintage pieces to my closet lately.  i would usually prefer authentic vintage as oppose to a modern item with vintage style... usually.  it's challenging to find a vintage item i love in my size for a reasonable price.  i browse online regularly, with a few repeat shops, and i check out local thrift stores, yard sales, etc... i usually end up frustrated because if there is an item i love, it's not my size.  

i'm also hesitant with the fabric.  with most items i like being from the 40s to the early 60s...the occasional 70s... you're looking at items that could be up to 80 years old.  that can take a toll on how the fabric will wear with wear and washing.  that's a benefit to modern clothes with a vintage inspiration... and of course, the option of sizes!

this dress is a vintage piece though. and i love it.  the top of the dress is a little bit big, but not to the point where i feel alterations are necessary.  there's just something about wearing a vintage item that makes you feel extra special in it... where was it worn before? who wore it? what'd she do?

     dress: ally hoot vintage
     shoes/belt: ruche (old)
     tights: suzy shier
     rosette: etsy
     glasses: ray ban

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  1. i love vintage too, and yay, you bought the dress from marisa!! she's the sweetest :) xx